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Our journey

Hero Health was built from the ground up to meet the needs of private general practice. We scoured the market for private GP record solutions, and didn't find any that could meet the clinical robustness of the NHS' main record systems EMIS Web and Systm1.

With Systm1 not interested in working with the private sector, and given EMIS market dominance, we chose to partner with EMIS Web for record management. The more we used EMIS, the more this choice was validated - advanced functionality such as clinical decision support, clinical templates and protocols meant that the more we used EMIS, the better we found the solution.

The issue was, by itself EMIS wasn't suitable for private GPs. Most obviously, it didn't have a billing module that was able to scale with multi-million pound turnover private GP services - but even if that could be resolved, could we really run a patient-friendly private practice without tools such as online booking, online payment and electronic private prescribing?

So we got to work building Hero. 7 years (and counting) later, Hero is deeply integrated with EMIS, and is an EMIS Elite partner for both the NHS and Private sectors. Our functionality extends far beyond our vision of a billing module, and now incorporates online booking, online payment, electronic private prescribing and communication. We work with private GPs around the country.

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