About Hero

Hero Health was developed in response to existing technology limitations identified by both primary care providers and patients.

  • For primary care providers, whilst the existing clinical record systems EMIS Web and TPP's Systm1 are robust at clinical record management and reporting, when it came to patient engagement (such as provider-patient communication or online booking), functionality was limited and any features that did exist were mostly developed as an after-thought.
  • For patients, too often general practice felt disconnected and hard to engage with. Communication was sporadic and often still analogue. Why was it simple to book a taxi, but booking a healthcare appointment felt complex?

At Hero, whilst we can't change the supply of Doctors, or impact NHS funding, we can empower clinicians, administrators and patients with the best digital tools possible. Digital tools that integrate with their existing systems and match expectations.

Our aim is to better connect clinicians and patients. We want to make it easy for clinicians to communicate with patients, and simple for patients to navigate to the appropriate or correspond with their practice. Our journey started with 1 site in 2018, and has grown to hundreds of sites in early 2024 - but we feel we are still only just getting started.