What is ChatDoc by Doctaly?

ChatDoc by Doctaly is the latest digital front door for GP Practices. Patients can WhatsApp into their practice, with a smart ChatBot supporting rapid triage through WhatsApp's interface.

The practice team can then use built-in chat, voice, video, pre-written template messages, automatic translation into 133 languages to quickly resolve patient queries.

Patients who need an appointment can be sent Hero's self-booking links over WhatsApp. Patients receive the self-booking links via WhatsApp, open the link, enter their date of birth to confirm their identity, before selecting a slot. Booking is in unison with the EMIS and Systm1 appointment books.

All relevant clinical information is automatically entered into EMIS or TPP seamlessly. The Doctaly approach can achieve 90% patient adoption of the digital channel, and save huge amounts of precious clinical time.

How does ChatDoc integrate with Hero?

ChatDoc utilises Hero's patient-led self-booking links, so as to invite patients to find and book an appointment slot at their own convenience, and from within the WhatsApp thread.


Clinician reviews patient's WhatsApp submission

Patient engages with a practice's Doctaly ChatDoc over WhatsApp. ChatDoc captures relevant symptoms for review by clinician.


Clinician responses and adds self-booking link

Having reviewed the patient submission, the clinician responds to the patient via WhatsApp. In the response, if appropriate, they can include a Hero self-booking link.


Patient selects and books appointment

The patient receives the correspondence over WhatsApp, including the self-booking link. They open the link, confirm identity with date of birth, before selecting and booking an appointment.

Watch how ChatDoc can transform your practice

ChatDoc utilises Hero to invite patients to seamlessly book appointments into EMIS and TPP

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"Giving patients the ability to schedule an appointment following a WhatsApp conversation takes our ChatDoc solution one step further forwards. ChatDoc and Hero really are game changing for patient triage"

Dr Prad Velayuthan
Clinical Director

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