How does batch messaging work?

Identify the patients you wish to contact in EMIS or Systm1. Upload a CSV with the patients' NHS # and date of birth, and we'll retrieve their latest contact details from PDS. Write your message, including any actions such as booking links, send, and track engagement.

Bulk messaging

Message entire cohorts of patients by SMS or Email. With our campaign functionality, you can upload a list of patients, and send bulk messages by SMS or Email to the entire patient group. Quickly message your whole practice population an update, invite your diabetics to book a quarterly review, or request smokers complete an annual questionnaire.


With campaign analytics, you can track the outcomes of your messaging. Assess delivery rates, track the percentage of recipients who have searched for appointment times and ultimately booked, or measure questionnaire completion rates. You can also quickly follow-up with filtered groups, to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign.

Use at your hubsite

Hero retrieves patient details from PDS, meaning you can upload a list of patients at your hubsite, and contact them even if their details aren't yet registered into the underlying EMIS or Systm1 instance. If the patient books or completes a questionnaire, we can automatically register the patient into the instance.

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