How does Hero Health's patient messaging work?

Using Hero Health's messaging, NHS primary care providers can send a simple message via SMS or Email to a patient. Once delivered, the message is saved to the patient's record for auditing.

Send messages

Send simple email or SMS messages to your patients. Patient contact details are retrieved from your clinical record system or PDS. Send your message, and save the message to the patient record in EMIS or TPP for audit purposes.

2-way messaging

Invite patients to reply to your messages and engage in a 2-way conversation. Send SMS or Emails to your patients, and give them the flexibility to reply with a message and an attachment, such as an image. Review in Hero's workflow and save to the clinical record.

Share attachments

Securely share attachments from your desktop or your clinical record system (EMIS or TPP). Send attachments by SMS or Email. Patients can view the attachment via a secure URL for up to 28 days.


Easily capture structured information from your patients using Hero's simple questionnaires. Create your own questionnaires, or use Hero's bank of questionnaire templates. Patients identify themselves with their date of birth before completing and submitting the questionnaire.

Self-booking links

Need to invite a patient to attend an appointment? Rather than calling a patient to schedule an appointment, send a self-booking link by SMS or Email. Self-booking links are one-time links for specific slot types. Patients open the link, confirm their date of birth before and select an appointment time.


Predefine templates for commonly sent messages, or use our bank of pre-written templates. Add these to your messages to save time and drive consistency in your patient messaging.

Try sending a message

Hero's messaging is integrated with EMIS Web and Systm1. Sent messages are saved to the patient's record.

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Individual messaging

Streamline your communications with 1-2-1 messaging

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Appointment booking

Share self-booking links with your patients or accept online bookings via your website

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Care navigation

Your practice's digital front door. Help direct your patients to the appropriate service.

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Batch messaging

Communicate with entire cohorts of patients by SMS or Email

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