What is the Hippo Recaller?

The Hippo Recaller is a web-based tool that automates proactive care.

It does this by: 

  • Live analysing every patient and working out what their proactive care needs are and who best can do them.
  • Automating the invitation process with an intelligent multimodal layered communication system, drip-feeding booking slots to patients so as not to overwhelm any system. 
  • Surfacing any non-responder onto a simple manual recall list.
  • Providing dashboarding, so you can effortlessly track your targets and know how best to structure your workforce to meet your patient's needs.

How do Hero and Hippo integrate?

Understand how the Hippo Recaller utilises Hero's self-booking links to offer patient-led appointment bookings back into the EMIS and S1 appointment books.


Identify the patient

Within the Hippo Recaller, run your search campaign and identify the patients you want to invite to book.


Write your message

Construct your message to the patient, adding a Hero self-booking link to the message


Patient finds and books slot

The patient confirms their identity with date of birth, and then finds and books an appointment slot.

Check out Hippo and Hero in action

An end to end solution to manage proactive care

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"Hippo has transformed our proactive care management, and the addition of the Hero booking links further adds to the automation benefit. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the joint-solution"

Sachin Gupta
Penrose Health

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