Batch messaging

Send entire cohorts of patients bulk messages by email or SMS. Upload a list of your patients to Hero, and we'll match them to the patient clinical records in your underlying EMIS or Systm1. Message all the uploaded patients and include links to book appointments or complete questionnaires.


Capture information from your patients by including questionnaires in your patient messaging. Use our template questionnaires for commonly asked questions, or create your own questionnaires. Having opened a link to the digital questionnaire, patients enter their date-of-birth, complete the questions and submit for review in the Hero workflow.

[Appointments] Self-booking links

Automate your appointment management, by sending patients self-booking links to complete their appointment booking. Patients can book in their own time, and can be required to complete an intake form or provide payment.

Batch analytics

Assess the deliverability of your batch messages and track engagement with your content. With Hero's batch message analytics you can see which groups of patients have failed to complete a booking or questionnaire, and quickly follow-up optimise your completion rate.

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Use Hero's campaigns functionality to contact entire groups of patients

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Use Hero to communicate with patients, attract bookings and complete your billing

Automate your practice management and delight your patients

Digital front door

Your practice's digital front door. Direct patients to submit enquiries or point them to suitable se

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Batch messaging

Communicate with entire patient groups, inviting them to book or complete questionnaires

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Use Hero's appointment functionality to manage your diary and offer online booking.

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A comprehensive invoicing solution for your private GP service.

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Offer patients multiple payment methods to ensure swift payment collection.

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Electronic prescribing

Secure private electronic prescriptions for EMIS and TPP Systm1 users.

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Individual messaging

Secure communication with your patients by SMS or Email.

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