Private electronic prescribing

Issue your private prescriptions in your electronic health record system, such as EMIS Web or Systm1, before sharing this electronically using Hero. Prescription details are retrieved from the patient's clinical record, and securely issued through our partner Signature Rx. Patients can elect to have medications sent by next-day post, or can collect from most pharmacy chains.

Share prescriptions

You can send prescriptions directly to the patient by SMS or Email, and patients can then access their medication by presenting the private electronic prescription at any Boots, Tesco, Superdrug, Lloyd's or independent pharmacy.

Dispensing status

Confirm the status of your private prescriptions. Once issued, using Hero's Signature Rx integration, you can check whether a private prescription has been dispensed or, for example in the event of an error, you can cancel the prescription before it is dispensed.

Check our electronic private prescribing in action

Review our Signature Rx integration and learn how you can issue private electronic prescriptions through EMIS or Systm1

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