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GP Automate automates repetitive tasks completed by primary care providers.

  • Lab reporting - GP Automate can report on your normal lab reports, by sending reports to patients with their results, and filing notes with no clinical input required. Reporting is completed without human input, and actioned with speed and accuracy.
  • Patient registration - GP Automate can simplify your patient registration process. Capture the necessary information, including medical history, from your patients and file this into their record

Hero Health and GP Automate are partnered together for patient communication. GP Automate utilises Hero's communication APIs to outreach to patients and request them to complete tasks such as questionnaires or booking.

How do GP Automate and Hero integrate?

GP Automate use Hero's Messaging API to send booking and questionnaire links via SMS to patients. These links enable patients to complete simple questionnaires or to self-book appointments.


Patients complete online registration form

Patients submit the NHS' standard online registration form to begin the patient record migration process


GP Automate contacts patients to provide more information

GP Automate automatically contacts your patients and asks them to complete a Hero questionnaire, providing important information to augment their record transfer


Patient information is reviewed and saved to the record

The new patient questionnaire is reviewed within Hero's workflow and saved to the record, populating the necessary SNOMED codes and problems

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"Integrating Hero and GP Automate has been a game-changer. We can now securely send patients SNOMED-coded questionnaires, enhancing our ability to reduce practice workload"

Dr Arun Notaney
CEO, GP Automate

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