Product library

Private GPs using Hero record their products and prices in our product library. Products are items that you wish to charge for (sell), and prices define how much items cost. You can store multiple prices against each product - for example, you might wish to store a Members' and Non-Members' price against a standard blood test.

Financial reporting

Hero's financial reports allow you to quickly and simply access financial data on invoices and payments from within your account. Filter data by date range or customer, and download to a CSV file which you can view on your desktop. Include many different data fields to enrich your download.

Branded receipts

Payment receipts are sent automatically when an invoice is paid or refunded. You also retain the option to manually resend receipts or refunds. Receipts can be customised to match your brand, including colours and logo. Hero's payment receipts show products sold, payments, customer details and patient details.

Customer accounts

For each patient, define their default customer account with responsibility for paying the patient's invoices. This is useful where a commercial organisation is paying bills for a patient (such as an employer paying for an employee), or where a dependent is responsible for charges (such as a mother paying for a daughter's appointments).

Customer credits

Hero's customer credits allow you to store a credit on a customer account. For example, perhaps you want to compensate a customer for a negative past experience, or maybe they were unable to attend a pre-paid appointment and you want to role the payment over to a future service. Hero's credits feature allows this, by storing a credit and deducting it from future payments.


Hero is optimised for your accounting. Invoicing can be fed directly into Xero or Quickbooks in real-time via our integrated plug-ins, allowing for simple monthly accounting reconciliations.

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Use Hero to communicate with patients, attract bookings and complete your billing

Automate your practice management and delight your patients

Digital front door

Your practice's digital front door. Direct patients to submit enquiries or to external links.

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Batch messaging

Communicate with entire patient groups, inviting them to book or complete questionnaires

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Use Hero's appointment functionality to manage your diary and offer online booking.

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A comprehensive invoicing solution for your private GP service.

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Offer patients multiple payment methods to ensure swift payment collection.

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Electronic prescribing

Secure private electronic prescriptions for EMIS and TPP Systm1 users.

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Individual messaging

Secure communication with your patients by SMS or Email.

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