Why use EMIS Web in your private GP practice?

EMIS Web is used in 4,000 NHS GP practices across the UK.

It is a robust clinical record system, containing over 25 modules to service the needs of a primary care practice, including patient records, consulting, letter-writing, medication, pathology, clinical reporting, appointment management and task management.

Hero provides a billing and patient engagement module that integrates with EMIS Web, and enables it for use in private general practice.

For more information on why private GP practices uses EMIS, see our '50 reasons to use EMIS Web' articles.

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How do EMIS and Hero integrate?

Hero has a deep integration into the EMIS product. The appointment books are mapped together, and information is retrieved and written to the EMIS patient record.


Use EMIS for clinical record management

Clinicians using EMIS and Hero will live in EMIS for the purpose of all clinical record management, including note-taking, letter writing, pathology, clinical reporting and medication management.


Hero and EMIS' appointment books remain in sync

EMIS' appointment book is the key source of truth for appointment management. From here you add your clinical sessions and appointments. Hero recreates this appointment book, to offer online booking and allow you to track invoicing per appointment.


Use Hero for invoicing, online booking and private prescribing

Patient demographics and appointments are retrieved into Hero from EMIS. From within Hero, you can issue invoices, configure online booking and send your EMIS-issued medications electronically via Signature Rx.

"EMIS Web is the most robust and clinician-friendly electronic health record system I've ever used. At its core, is the deep SNOMED coding, which enables rich clinical reporting and intelligent clinical decision support. I couldn't practice without it"

Dr Amanda Northridge
Clinical Director

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