What is Signature Rx Private Prescribing?

Signature Rx is a private electronic prescribing solution that enables healthcare providers to issue electronic private prescriptions for non-controlled drugs.

The Signature Rx platform creates an electronic prescription, with an electronic signature from the prescribing clinician.

Patients are sent the private script via SMS or Email. Prescriptions include a unique ID, which patients can present at national pharmacies for dispensing. There is also the facility for patients to request delivery of the medication directly from Signature Rx's own pharmacy (via post).

Clinicians can revoke prescriptions that haven't yet been dispensed, and receive alerts for dispensed scripts.

Hero's integration with Signature Rx enables users of EMIS Web to send medication issued in EMIS (through the EMIS Web medication module), as a private electronic script directly to the patient.

See how Hero and Signature Rx integrate

Clinicians using EMIS Web use Hero's Signature Rx integration to send private electronic prescriptions to patients.

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How do Hero and Signature Rx integrate?

Understand the flow from issuing medication in EMIS through to medication being dispensed


Clinician issues medication in EMIS

The prescribing clinician issues medication through the EMIS medication, saving the script once completed (there is no requirement to print the prescription).


Send issued medication to patient via Signature Rx

Through the Hero toolbar or within the Hero browser based application, you create the electronic private script, populating it with the medication issued within EMIS. This is then sent to the patient via SMS or Email.


Patients attends pharmacy or places order

The patient visits a local pharmacy and presents the prescription ID for dispensing, or they can order the medication for delivery. An alert is sent back to the clinician once dispensed.

"Hero's Signature Rx integration is convenient for our patients, and improves our compliance as we are given visibility into dispensing. It is a win-win"

Dr Amanda Northridge
Mayfield Clinic

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