How does Hero integrate with Stripe?

Stripe is a global technology platform for payment collection. Hero integrates with Stripe to offer users a simple mechanism for collecting payments for invoices. Through Hero you can issue an invoice for payment, populating your invoice with items from EMIS Web (for example pathology) or items of your own choosing.

Invoices can then be paid through Stripe's payment infrastructure. Patients can pay invoices online at their own convenience, or you can use Stripe's Hero integrated card terminals for collecting 'chip and pin' payments. Patients can use all major global card types, including Visa, Mastercard and Amex, and can pay by Apple or Google Pay.

You also have the flexibility to leverage Stripe's various other integrated payment solutions, including auto-reconciling bank transfer, PayPal and Klarna (to allow patients to pay in instalments).

Once a payment has been completed, a branded receipt can be issued to the payor. Hero's Stripe integration is one of the most comprehensive Stripe integrations by healthcare platforms; paid invoices are visible in both Hero and Stripe, and patients have access to their own portal for viewing past payments.

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Hero's Stripe integration offers a variety of payment options for patients, making it an effective way of collecting on issued invoices. We also use it for collecting upfront payment at the point of booking.

Sandra Larner
Financial Controller

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