Get started with Hero today. Pay directly as a practice or PCN, or purchase Hero through the G-Cloud13 framework.

Core package

25p per patient
Individual messaging
Two-way messaging
Message templates

Optionally include

Advanced communication

  • Batch messaging & analytics
  • Custom questionnaires
30p per patient

Care navigation

  • Configurable online consultations
  • Workflow management
25p per patient


  • Online booking
  • Intelligent restrictions
  • Cross-organisational booking
25p per patient

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Who can purchase Hero?

ICBs, Federations, PCNs and Practices can all purchase Hero

Pricing will vary depending on the size of your organisation. Discounted pricing is available for organisations covering over 20,000 patients

How can I purchase Hero?

Hero can be procured through the G-Cloud framework or by privately contracting with Hero Health outside of a catalogue.

To procure Hero through the G-Cloud framework, please see our profile page on the G-Cloud website. To procure directly, please click 'Get started' at the top of the page.

How quickly can I get setup using the Hero platform?

You can get setup and using Hero in under an hour.

Once your contract is signed, we'll arrange an onboarding call with a member of your team. We'll connect to your EMIS or TPP instance, and provide some basic setup support to ensure you're off and running quickly.

Can I purchase Hero for multiple practices at a time?

Yes, Hero can be procured by an individual practice, a PCN or Federation with multiple consituent practices, or an entire ICB.

We'll work across your entire region to ensure an effective roll-out of Hero's functionality.

How can I get a quote?

Hit the Get started button at the top of the page.

This will enable you to connect with our sales team who can walk you through our pricing in more detail.

How much do SMS fragments cost?

Individual fragments cost 1.99 pence per fragment.

An SMS fragment is ~160 characters. For example, a message comprised of 200 characters would use 2 fragments, and would cost 3.98 pence.

Do prices include VAT?

Prices are excluding VAT.

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