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A full suite of communication tools for GP practices

Hero is the communication platform used by NHS primary care clinicians, administrators and managers to connect with their patients

Individual messaging

Contact individual patients via SMS or email. Invite patients to view attachments, book appointments, complete questionnaires or submit one-time replies. Reduce your face to face contact time, and improve patient proximity.

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Batch messaging

Message entire patient cohorts. Empower patients to complete questionnaires, book appointments or submit one-time replies. Track engagement and follow-up. Alleviate the need for 1,000s of phone calls.

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Appointment booking

Setup powerful online booking through your practice website, or invite patients to book via SMS or email. Send pre-appointment reminders to reduce DNAs, and post-appointment messages to gather feedback.

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Care navigation

Configure your practice's 'digital front door'. Create digital pathways for patients to make requests, book appointments or access additional services. Embed these pathways into your practice's website. Integrated with a host of existing digital solutions including eConsult, Klinik, Engage and the NHS App.

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Hero is the communication platform that enables NHS providers to connect with their patients. Send messages, share files and accept bookings.

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Learn how simple it is to message a patient using Hero's individual messaging functionality.

Frequently asked questions

What is Hero Health for NHS GPs?

Hero Health is a communication platform for NHS primary care providers to correspond with their patients.

NHS GP practices use Hero to contact their patients. Using Hero, practices can initiate outbound communication with their patients, for example messaging an individual patient by SMS or Email. Hero can also be configured to allow patients to contact the practice, for example by submitting a care navigation request or booking an appointment online.

What does the Hero Health platform do?

Hero Health enables NHS GPs and their teams to communicate with patients.

Clinicians and their teams can contact patients to keep them updated about developments at the practice or to update them following an appointment. Patients can submit requests to the practice through the Hero Digital Front Door Care Navigation solution, or by booking an appointment online. The Hero Health platform is integrated with existing NHS GP primary care systems such as EMIS Web and Systm1.

Who uses Hero Health's communication tools?

Hero is used by NHS primary care clinicians, administrators, front-desk staff and digital transformation managers.

The Hero platform is used by all types of teams within a primary care setting. Clinicians use Hero to communicate with patients following an appointment, practice pharmacists might correspond with a patient regarding a medication, digital transformation managers might want to raise patient awareness of ARRS roles. For more information, see our section on 'Solutions for NHS teams'.

When would I use Hero Health?

An NHS GP practice would use Hero to send a communication, such as a text message (SMS) or email, to a patient.

These communications can be simple 'FYI' messages, they could contain test results, links to complete questionnaires, links inviting a patient reply, links to book appointments or links to 3rd party resources such as the NHS website. Patient messages are saved to the patient's record in EMIS or Systm1. Messages can be sent to an individual recipient or to an entire practice. This is an example of a typical use case, but different teams will use Hero for different purposes. For further examples, see our 'Solutions for NHS teams' below.

Is Hero Health secure?

As Hero delivers technology to healthcare providers, and our technology is used by 1,000s or patients and practices to correspond every hour, security is a priority.

We complete Cyber Essentials Plus certification, we are listed on the GCloud-13 framework, we are integrated via the NHS' IM1 program, we are an EMIS Web Elite Partner and we are in the process of accrediting to the ISO27001 standard. For more information on our data policies, please contact

How can I start using Hero Health?

To start using Hero, you simply need to follow the Sign up instructions accessed on this website.

You can get setup and start using Hero in under an hour.

How much does Hero Health cost?

If you are an NHS provider interested in procuring Hero, you can either do so directly, through your PCN or ICB, or through a government framework such as GCloud.

For full information on how you can buy Hero, see our Pricing page.

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Solutions for healthcare teams

PCN directors
Digital transformation leads
Practice managers

How PCN directors are using Hero

Hero is built for cross-organisational working. Message patients across your entire catchment, run large-scale health campaigns from your PCN or accept online bookings into your hubsite from any patients registered in your catchment.

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What our customers are saying

“Working in the NHS I feel we are always behind when it comes to technology. Being able to offer online appointments to patients have improved the patient journey.”

Isabelle Kuti
Service Manager

“From a PCN perspective, Hero has been really really great! We had our shingles clinic last weekend and sent Hero self-booking links to our eligible population. Within 24 hours, we had 230 appointments booked.”

Hani Mohammed
Digital Transformation

“Before we started using Hero, we could have up to 170 patients on call back lists. Hero has automated our booking, and enabled us to increase capacity.”

Dr Emily Mabonga
Clinical Director

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