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"[Hero] has enabled us to offer patients [the ability] to book in to an appointment themselves. We've got over a thousand appointments that are being booked by patients and that means that's a thousand people we don't need to contact manually"

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October 27, 2022
Elizabeth Searle
Flu-appointments were being booked over the phone, placing a strain on staff and resources.
Over 1000 flu-appointments have been booked online using Hero, saving the practice 87 hours of time and resources.

Bridge View Medical is a group of 4 General Practices in Bristol, consisting of 38,500 patients.

1,000's of patients no longer need to be contacted manually.

Post pandemic, the group experienced a huge increase in demand on resources (staff, telephone lines, being asked to do more with less funding). The Operations Manager was looking for something proactive that would put the onus of responsibility for booking appointments onto their patients, whilst still maintaining control of the appointment book.

They started working with Hero ahead of flu season, and used Hero’s booking links solution along with the batch messaging solution for 1,000’s of patients to self-book into pre-defined flu vaccine appointment slots.

The reception team has been really positively impacted. It has saved the group "a massive amount of work" and has had a "Huge impact, in the reduction of resources required for patient bookings. It has definitely made a difference.

Further, it has freed up the phone lines for urgent medical enquiries and improved access for the digitally poor.

Patients now have autonomy over their own health.

The Bridge View Medical Centre is rolling out the use of Hero across multiple appointment types and aiming for at least 75% of their patients to be proactively booking relevant appointments

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