Hero's NHS Secondary Care solution is priced at:

£6,000 per site, per annum

This includes unlimited users, patients and appointments, as well as connections to PDS and NHS Login. SMS fees are payable directly with the NHS accredited supplier 'Firetext'.

The £6K pricing includes 1 location (a location is a site used to deliver care). Additional locations are priced at £3,000 p.a.‍ We can provide a setup service for £500 per site. Pricing is based on a 3 year contract.

What's included

The Online Booking module will enable you to take Online Bookings via your website, both for registered patients, and for selected cross-organisational patients (e.g., patients from partner GP sites in your PCN). You will have access to PDS and NHS Login.

The Messaging module will allow you to message patients using NHS number as an identifier. You can invite them to book selected slots at your site. Links can be specific to the individual patient, available for one-time usage and set with a flexible expiry.

How to get started

Click the Sign up button at the top of the page, and follow the instructions. We can normally get you setup and taking bookings within 24 hours.

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