Batch messaging

Use Hero’s batch messaging solution to run co-ordinated SMS or Email campaigns to cohorts of patients. Invite patients to book appointments and track open rate and uptake.

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Bulk invite patients to book appointments

Identify cohorts of patients eligible for a specific appointment type. Upload the list of patients to Hero, including their NHS number and date of birth.

Hero will retrieve the patients’ correct contact details from the spine via PDS. You then construct your message to the patient cohort, including the relevant appointment booking link.

Upon receipt, a patient will be asked to confirm their identity by entering their date of birth, before selecting an appropriate slot and completing any associated forms.

Slots are retrieved and booked in real-time into your Hero diary. allowing you to accept booking both offline and online concurrently.

Using the campaign reporting dashboard, you can track patient conversion – from a message being successfully delivered, to open rate, to booking or cancellation. You can also run automatic follow-ups to optimise conversion.

How does it work?

Identify eligible cohorts of patients and then:

Upload the patient list by CSV

Compose your invitation (SMS or Email), including the slot type you want to make available

Patients receive unique links, and confirm their identity by entering their date of birth

Slots are retrieved and booked in real time into your Hero diary

How does it help?

Running large scale campaigns (such as for flu or weight loss management programs), can be time and resource intensive.  

Hero Health’s messaging platform enables you to seamlessly invite an entire cohort of patients to book online, saving you hours of outbound and inbound phone calls.

Patients can be sent an SMS or Email with a unique link to book a selected appointment – be that a blood test, X-Ray, MRI or any other service. Instead of calling patients, conduct your outbound campaign concurrently for 1000s of patients at a time.

You can track uptake of your invitation, and where necessary you can identity those who need a phone call follow-up.

Once a patient has completed a booking online, they can also cancel or reschedule online, further reducing workload.  

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