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With the launch of Uber, Air BnB and online banking, consumers have come to expect 24/7 access to services.  

Using Hero, it is now possible to accept bookings online directly into your appointment diary.

You can create embeddable widgets or simply redirect your patients to the Hero booking flow. Patients select their preferred appointment type, and then view times retrieved from your diary.

Once the patient has selected an appointment slot, they’ll be asked to register, before completing any relevant forms and making a payment.

Hero will hand the patient communication, including any rescheduling or cancellations.

Why use online booking?

Practices are often hesitant to use online booking, fearing losing control of their diary.

For this reason, using Hero you can apply restrictions on which patient types can access online booking

Slots can be restricted on criteria including age, gender and membership

You can also make certain appointments only bookable online by invitation – meaning a patient needs to be invited to book.

With the average appointment booking taking 5 minutes over the phone, and often leading to increased levels of unpaid invoices, online booking has the potential to be transformative for your practice.


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