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Hero Health is integrated with EMIS Web to give private practices a best-in-class combination of clinical and administrative tools

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Until now, private practices have needed to compromise when it comes to systems. Best in class clinical solutions, with features like rich clinical reports and clinical decisions support, have been the domain of the NHS. Administrative systems for payments and billing are available for eCommerce businesses, but these don’t integrate with EHR clinical systems.

Most private practice use EHRs developed specifically for the private sector. The challenge for these systems is that not only must they try and match NHS Clinical record systems, they also need to build full billing infrastructure – and the reward is a market that is only a fraction of the size of the NHS.

The result is that systems developed for the private sector invariably fall down either clinically, or on administration – or are somewhat substandard across both dimensions. With a few 100 private GP services nationally, compared to 6000 NHS primary care services, the market size is not there to justify ongoing innovative investment.

It was this predicament that conceived Hero. Take a best-in-class record system, in this case EMIS Web, and build a full modern private practice layer on top – in a fully integrated way. Ultimately giving private practices everything that NHS GPs benefit from, as well as a modern billing infrastructure that delights patients.  

How does it work?

To get setup on EMIS, you'll need an HSCN connection – we can help get this arranged. If you're migrating data into EMIS, plan for a 10-12 week migration. If you’re starting afresh, you can often get setup in ~4-6 weeks. Once you’re on EMIS, getting Hero setup takes <60 minutes.

Hero interacts with EMIS both through an integrated diary system, and a floating toolbar that allows you to access Hero features from within EMIS. Through the toolbar you can communicate with patients, raise invoices and issue private scripts via our Signature Rx integration.


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