Hero's platform offers a rich set of invoicing, payment and accounting functionality, all designed for the modern private practice.

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Invoices can be raised to the individual patient or to 3rd party accounts. Invoice items can be extracted directly from EMIS based on SNOMED codes (e.g., for pathology, investigations), and discounts can be applied on a individual item basis.

Send your invoices via SMS, Email or enable patients to access them online via a secure portal. Patients can settle invoices partially or fully, and using a number of payment methods including Apple Pay, Card or Direct Debit.

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Paying [at the practice] is now very straightforward. Paying by Apple Pay feels so seamless compared to the old process

Patients can also pay via card or direct debit

Hero has a deep integration with small business accounting software Xero, enabling you to feed invoices into Xero in granular detail. Line items can be allocated to specific accounts, and payments are automatically reconciled. Ultimately, Xero can become true real time accounts.


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