Secure patient-provider communication

Secure communication enabling 2-way dialogue with patients

Hero Health's cutting-edge platform offers clinicians and patients a seamless and secure means of communication, particularly for remote monitoring purposes. By utilizing the invitation-based reply feature, clinicians can engage in efficient and controlled communication with their patients.

Through Hero Health's platform, clinicians can send personalized SMS or email invitations to patients, prompting them to submit replies regarding their health status or specific conditions. This controlled communication allows clinicians to monitor various aspects, such as the healing progress of wounds, without requiring in-person visits. Patients can share updates, images, or descriptions of any observed changes, enabling clinicians to assess the situation remotely and provide timely guidance.

By limiting replies to be only an an invite basis, the practice is safeguarded, ensuring that patients cannot simply message clinicians at their convenience. Instead, communication is initiated through invitations, allowing clinicians to manage the flow of information effectively. Moreover, these valuable patient replies can be securely saved to the EPR record, facilitating comprehensive documentation and enabling easy audit trails.

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How Hero can help you

Hero is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to communicate with patients, capture structured data through SNOMED-codable questionnaires, and automate your appointment scheduling.

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Use Hero to quickly connect with your patients. Communicate via SMS or email, share attachments, gather data through simple structured forms or automate your appointment scheduling.


Review case studies from customers using the Hero product.

NHS Bridge View Medical PCN

"We're down to three to four people a week dealing with [flu] as opposed to everybody"

October 27, 2022

NHS Somerset GP Surgery

“Flu season comes around... we don't suddenly, miraculously have four more receptionists!” "That (Hero) would be massive, for the flu side of things... that's huge."

April 14, 2022

NHS GP - Biddulph Valley Surgery

"We can target all our lists in one go with one click... All those patients get that invite link and can book in directly." Alison Ratcliffe PCN Pharmacy Technician

May 16, 2022

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