Use our simple communication tools to connect with your patients via SMS and Email, and invite them to book or complete questionnaires

Message Your Patients

Send SMS or Email messages to your patients. Simply send a written message or include web links to online advice. Your message can be saved to your clinical record system, with a defined set of SNOMED codes. Review delivery notifications to confirm receipt. How can this help you?

  • Pre-appointment advice
  • Communicate test results

Attachments & Documents

Include secure attachments in your patient messages. Give access to documents such as referral letters or sick notes from your clinical record system, or upload files from your desktop.  How can this help you?

  • Post-appointment advice
  • Fast sharing of sick notes
  • Give access to referral letters


Invite your patients to provide information through simple structured questionnaires. Use our pre-defined questionnaires or build your own customisable questionnaires. Replies are coded and once reviewed can be saved to the medical record for QoF funding or patient monitoring. How can this help you?

  • Easy remote monitoring of patient conditions
  • Increase your QoF funding

Invite Patients To Book

Invite patients to book appointments by including unique, one-time links for particular appointments slots, locations and practitioners. Availability is drawn from your EMIS or SystmOne Diary, and once the booking is made it will be shown in the diary. How can this help you?

  • Invite patients to book follow-up appointments
  • Invite patients to book face to face appointments following a telephone call
  • Save your administrative team time in appointment scheduling

Patient Responses

Allow patients to reply to your messages with a one-time message or photo upload. Responses can be reviewed and saved to the clinical record. How can this help you?

  • Follow up care, for example reviewing a wound
  • Gather information from a patient remotely

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What can you do with Hero?

Use Hero to quickly connect with your patients. Communicate via SMS or email, share attachments, gather data through simple structured forms or automate your appointment scheduling.

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Hero is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to communicate with patients, capture structured data through SNOMED-codable questionnaires, and automate your appointment scheduling.

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