Invite patients to book specific diary slot types. Dramatically reduce scheduling related phone calls.

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Invite your patients to book

Message your registered patients, retrieving details from EMIS or PDS.

Within the message body, include unique booking links, bespoke to the patient and slot type.

Upon receipt, patients confirm their identity by entering their date of birth.

Slots are retrieved and booked in real-time from EMIS, allowing you to accept booking both offline or online concurrently.

You can capture additional booking information using custom forms. Responses can be saved into the patient record.

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How does it work?

Compose and send booking invites, all within the Hero admin portal:

Compose messages to your patients, by email or SMS

Add a unique booking link, for a specific location, slot type and practitioner

Patients click the link, and verify their ID by entering their date of birth

The appointment is scheduled directly into the EMIS diary

How does it help?

Invite patients to book online at their convenience, and without making slots universally visible via your website.

You retain the benefit of a 'closed' diary, whilst also gaining the automation of online booking.

Once a patient has completed a booking online, they can also cancel or reschedule online, further reducing admin workload.

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