Batch messaging

Contact patients in bulk, and invite them to complete simple structured questionnaires or book appointments

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Message Entire Cohorts Of Patients

Send mass SMS or Email messages to groups of patients. Download patient lists from EMIS or SystmOne reports, and upload these to Hero; we'll retrieve the patient's latest contact details from PDS. How can this help you?

  • Quickly contact your entire population with practice information, such as new opening hours
  • Proactively manage patient remote monitoring, by inviting groups of patients to update you on their condition via patient replies

Invite Cohorts To Book Appointments

Include unique self-booking links for specific slots, locations and practitioners in your batch messages. Set automatic reminders to follow-up with patients who haven't booked. Allow patients to opt out of services, and save an appropriate SNOMED code to record. How can this help you?

  • Manage QoF reviews for populations such as diabetics or asthmatics
  • Invite patients to book their annual flu jab

Capture Questionnaire Information From Batches Of Patients

Request that an entire group of patients complete a simple structured medical questionnaires. Replies are coded and saved into the EMIS or SystemOne patient record. How can this help you?

  • Capture data on mass from entire groups of patients
  • Optimise your QoF income

Track Booking or Questionnaire Uptake

Use our inbuilt analytics to identify patients who have yet to book or complete a questionnaire, and follow-up with additional reminders. How can this help you?

  • Optimise your QoF income by ensuring maximum uptake of reviews
  • Protect your population by quickly identifying patients who haven't booked a service

Send Cross Organisational Booking Links

Send cross-organisational booking links from your GP practice, inviting patients to book into other sites within your network. How can this help you?

  • Invite GP patients to book into your PCN hubsite for flu jabs
  • Invite GP patients to book into a First Contact Physio service offered by your Federation

Manage Daily Waiting Lists

Add waiting list patients to a batch messaging campaign, and quickly batch message your waiting list with an appropriate appointment booking link when new appointment slots become available. How can this help you?

  • Track patients on same day appointment waiting lists, and quickly contact them to invite them to fill vacant slots

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What can you do with Hero?

Use Hero to quickly connect with your patients. Communicate via SMS or email, share attachments, gather data through simple structured forms or automate your appointment scheduling.

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Hero is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to communicate with patients, capture structured data through SNOMED-codable questionnaires, and automate your appointment scheduling.

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