Stroud Green Medical Clinic to make all appointments available online via Hero Health

Per the updated DES requirements (28/11/2022), NHSE requests that practices put all of their directly bookable appointments online. Hero Health have been working with Stroud Green and N2 Islington over the past month to meet these requirements and improve patient access to online appointments.

Since onboarding Hero, Amy Cox (Practice Manager) has worked closely with the team to find the perfect fit for her appointments. After close consultation and discussions surrounding what would work best for her appointment types, Amy decided to make all appointments available online via Hero’s online booking feature.

This allows patients to book directly into an appointment by simply visiting the practice website, clicking on the Hero booking link, and selecting the desired appointment type and time. Using Hero’s EMIS integrated online booking solution, Amy can set EMIS slots for these services as bookable online. Without having to navigate traditional “Log in” barriers associated with most online booking, patients can be directed to find available slots and book online directly into the EMIS diary 24/7.

Thanks to Hero’s ‘Smart Booking’ feature, Amy has been able to place restrictions on these appointments (such as age and gender) meaning that she will always get the ‘right patient’ in the ‘right appointment’ and reduce the number of inappropriate bookings. 

Hero has also been able to customise the booking flow to the exact needs of Amy and her practice.

She has been delighted with the results so far as no other solution in the market has been able to do this for her.

Going forward, Amy will be working closely with Hero to improve her PCN’s ‘Cross-Organizational’ booking capabilities. By using Hero’s ‘Networks’ feature, Amy will be able to invite patients within her PCN directly to the Hubsite without having to manually book them in. 

Amy hopes that this will reduce the burden on reception and increase patient satisfaction when booking appointments.

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