Inviting Patients To Book Online Into EMIS Via SMS or Email

There is an increasing proliferation of SMS tools in NHS Primary Care, with tools such as Accurx, Mjog and iPlato all playing a valuable role in helping practices communicate with patients.

Hero is an EMIS integrated partner product designed to make appointment scheduling faster and easier. With 20M appointments scheduled in NHS primary care centres each month, online booking has the potential to save nearly 1B minutes of administration time annually.

Hero enables practices to generate and send patients “booking links”. Booking links are web links for specific services, as specific locations and with specific practitioners.

For example, if Patient A needs a 30 minute follow up with Dr Smith, then the practice administrator can send a unique and onetime link for a 30 minute service with Dr Smith.

Patient A will receive the text message, verifies their identity by entering their date of birth, and books online. Bookings flow directly back into the EMIS Web diary.

Hero has been shown to reduce outbound call volumes by 75%, saving individual practices or PCNs countless hours of trying to contact patients to schedule appointments.

You can track delivery, open rates and booking rates to see the success of your communication. With a simple interface, and no login barrier, Hero has a high conversion rate once a patient has received the booking link.

The booking link can be embedded into existing communication tools, or you can use Hero’s own integrated email and SMS solutions.

If you would be interested in finding out more, or to arrange a demonstration, click the link below.

Connecting clinicians and patients
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