Improving QOF payments through automated EMIS scheduling via SMS or Email

Hero is an EMIS Web integrated scheduling solution that enables you to batch invite cohorts of patients to book their QOF reviews.

Traditionally, practices have messaged patients to remind them of their QOF reviews, with a note to call or email the practice to arrange an appointment.

With demand for phone and email communication higher than ever, many patients fail to ever schedule their review, reducing your QOF income.

Hero enables you to embed a booking link into your SMS or Email mail out to QOF patients. This booking link enables patients to find appointment slots, and book directly - having verified their identity by entering their Date of Birth.

By reducing friction in accessing appointment slots, patients are significantly more likely to book their review.

Additionally, Hero has been shown to reduce outbound call volume related to QOF appointments by 75%, with QOF patients instead scheduling their reviews via their mobiles. This allows practice administrators to focus on other higher value tasks.

Practices run EMIS reports to identify their target cohort. Patients are then sent booking links, via traditional means (e.g., Email, iPlato, Accurx) or Hero’s integrated communication tools. You can track open rate and booking rate to quickly identify patients who might require a more high-touch follow up.

Hero is EMIS integrated, and accredited for EMIS Clinical Services / EMIS CS (as used at a PCN level).

If you’d like to find out more or to arrange a demonstration, click the link below.

Automating appointment scheduling
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