How to integrate Social Prescribers into your PCN or Federation?

With additional ARRS funding now available, PCNs are looking for ways to incorporate Social Prescribers into their workflow.

Social Prescribers can play a valuable role in delivering holistic patient care, and in reducing burden on traditional clinical resource (e.g., GPs, Nurses).

Providing Social Prescribers with access to EMIS Web creates some IG (information governance) risk.

Hero is a EMIS integrated scheduling solution, that enables Social Prescribers to access their EMIS diary and record patient notes in a safe manner. Social Prescribers are not required to have EMIS access or access to the patient record.

The Hero Social Prescriber system can be setup to give:

   ⁃    Social Prescribers visibility of their EMIS diary, via a web based system

   ⁃    Social Prescribers the ability to capture patient notes in template form

   ⁃    Administrators or clinicians the ability to review Social Prescriber notes, prior to these being saved back into the patient record

   ⁃    Patients the ability to find and book prescriber slots online, and with no involvement from mainstream practice staff

If you would be interested in finding out more, or to arrange a demonstration, click the link below.

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