EMIS Integrated Social Prescribing System

Are you a PCN or Federation looking for an EMIS integrated Social Prescribing Solution?

Social Prescribing has received additional funding as part of the government’s increased investment into PCNs (Primary Care Networks).

PCNs are looking at how to incorporate Social Prescribers into their practice in a safe and effective manner.

Hero is a EMIS integrated solution collaborating with NHS General Practice to deliver Social Prescribing systems.

The Hero Social Prescribing solution:

   ⁃    Enables Social Prescribing appointments to be booked online directly into the EMISWeb diary

   ⁃    Gives Social Prescribers access to their EMIS Web diary via an easy to use web interface (but does not display other clinicians diaries by default)

   ⁃    Allows Social Prescribers to complete template patient notes, which can be sent back to the practice for review (by practice staff) before being saved into the EMIS stored patient record

This affords benefits compared to alternative systems, with Social Prescribers not required to access EMISWeb (and hence not required to access the patient’s record), removing Information Governance requirements.

Hero can embed Social Prescribing online booking into the PCNs website, and can be used to provide GPs (and other clinicians) with booking links which can be sent to patients as a means of referral. Patients can use these links to book directly in with the Social Prescribers.

If you’re looking for a Social Prescriber system for PCNs or a Social Prescriber system for GP, please click the link below.

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