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In a world where you can order a taxi or book a holiday in under 2 minutes, why should accessing healthcare be any different?

Assessment and diagnosis necessitates clinicians' time - whether speaking face to face or virtually, or reviewing a triage asynchronously.

And whilst we can't change the supply of Doctors, or impact NHS funding, by increasing online appointment visibility and booking, we can give patients the confidence and reassurance of knowing when their matter will be dealt with.

Hero works with practices to deliver online booking and messaging, and ultimately revolutionise the way in which patients access care.

Our mission

To increase online booking of NHS GP appointments from 16% (today) to 80% by the end of 2023.

Over 250 million NHS GP appointments are booked every year. On average each booking takes 4 minutes of administrator time, and 20 minutes of patient time (including hold time).

This equates to billions of minutes of wasted time each year.

We have built technology that solves this problem. No we are on a mission to get it into the hands of everyone who needs it.

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